thanks for stopping by!


4:00pm 03-27-2023

LOVE your site the whole look and feel of it is just wonderful
Replied on: 8:51pm 03-29-2023

thanks this is so sweet. i love your dark/light theme toggler

3:18pm 03-27-2023

i stopped by and wowza this place is cool. nabbing your button for my "other sites" page... i think i may have to change how it looks soon, considering how many buttons are hanging there, now ^_^; great site, dog
Replied on: 8:52pm 03-29-2023

thank youu, i'll be sure to add your site when i update my links!

11:13am 03-26-2023

i love your site it looks so cool and clean! also your art is awesome
12:45am 03-24-2023

Very awesome of you to link my site,tysm!
Love your site and artstyle
7:32pm 03-23-2023

You have such a beautiful site! I can't wait to see new additions!
9:51pm 03-22-2023

Heyoo! I just stumbled upon your page, and couldn't help but find myself amused at the layout! ^^ It's retro, but also fresh and cute with all the pop-ups, and the masonry gallery is pretty neato as well!

Wish ya all the best with the coding! :V
5:44pm 03-22-2023
hello brother your website is beautiful. wishing you well always
Replied on: 8:52pm 03-29-2023


1:20pm 03-18-2023
your site design is so lovely! and upon reading your blog post, well i couldn't relate more laughs. i had similar thoughts about perfectionism stunting me etc when i turned 26, and well i recently turned 27 and i can tell u it made fun things happen to me! and well, the creative web manifesto, i think we're all here for it on neocities and it's reassuring and a breath of fresh air

also, your art is gorgeous and so pleasing to look at!! cannot wait for more on this cool ass little website!!!
Replied on: 8:38pm 03-18-2023

this is such a sweet message. thanks so much! glad to hear 27 is going better for you. and also glad to hear there are so many like-minded people here!

1:33am 03-18-2023
i LOVE this site!!!! I love its layout, its different themes, the music player, everything!!! SO fun!!!! super creative, I will definitely be adding your link to my site c: looking forward to your future updates <3
Replied on: 8:35pm 03-18-2023

thank you so much! i will add your link when i update my links page too :-)